Covid-19 vaccinations are being run by a wider South Sefton health system service led and facilitated by the local CCG (South Sefton Clinical Commissioning Group ) with input from the Primary Care Network Grouping. This is different to the normal practice-run Flu jab clinics that our patients are used to. Our GPs and staff are currently helping this service. 

We understand many patients and their relatives and carers are keen to get protection as soon as possible. Please wait to be contacted by the vaccination service (or us) as that is the only way you can be booked in for a jab.


Patients will be invited by the NHS according to priority groups agreed by the Government and NHS - please see this link

The first phase will focus on the over 80s. Patients will be contacted directly by the vaccination service (or by us if we have been instructed to do so ) .

Please do not phone the surgery to request a vaccination. 

Please note- genuinely housebound over 80s and care home patients will be given a vaccine by a visiting service in the near future. Again, we are not in control of how this runs so please wait to be contacted. We will update here once local details have been decided. 

General information about the vaccines (including the NHS order of priority ) can be see by clicking on this NHS vaccine link .  Also more about the Pfizer vaccine here .


  • The vaccine is currently only for the over 80s (who are registered at with us at High Pastures). Other groups will be invited in due course. Please do not contact the practice to ask to be booked . YOU WILL BE CONTACTED
  • You will not be able to choose the type of Covid vaccination you will be given
  • if you need a carer or helper (one only) on the day they will be able to attend with you but they will not be offered the vaccine due to the current limited supply 
  • please wear a mask throughout your attendance 
  • please do not attend if you have symptoms of coronavirus or have been asked to self-isolate
  • the vast majority of patients will be suitable to have this. The main reason not to is if you have a past history of 'anaphylaxis'- this is a serious, sudden and severe allergy to food, medicines or vaccines. You will know if you have had because you will have been given emergency adrenaline injection
  • You will be asked to stay for 15 mins after your vaccine
  • your details will be recorded on the computer system so please attend at your allotted time.
  • you will be asked to attend for a repeat / booster vaccination within a 3-12 weeks timescale. It is vital you attend to get the necessary,  longer-lasting protection 

Thank you for your patience and co-operation in these challenging times