Patient Feedback

As an improving practice we are always open to constructive suggestions as to how we can improve the service we offer to you. The Doctor may not be able to talk to you about it during a medical examination session, as this would be taking up valuable time that should be used to treat patients. However, we have several methods that you can use to give your ideas or opinions.

Complaints and Concerns

We do not profess perfection, nor do we expect our patients to be perfect. There may be occasions, though we hope rarely, when you have some dissatisfaction with our services. In these circumstances, please advice the Practice Manager who will arrange for you to discuss this with the Doctor concerned. Occasionally misunderstandings can lead to complaints and these can usually be sorted out very quickly. If, however, you are still dissatisfied after talking to us, you have the right to complain to the Family Health Services Authority. If you wish to change your GP you can ask to see another GP at this Surgery or you can leave the practice and move to another. If you find this necessary, we will try to help you as much as we can. We do have a list of other practices in the immediate area. However it will be your responsibility to arrange registration. Please ask at reception for details.

Online Comments

You can click on the link below to send us any comments or complaints you might have about the practice. Messages can be made anonymously, however if you wish to receive a response from the practice then please remember to include your contact details.

We would like to remind patients that the website enquiry or email address function is not to be used for medical information or consultation. The main reason for this is that we cannot guarantee the timeliness of response to such enquiries due to the nature of working schedules. If you wish to send medical information to your GP or nurse, please use the various options we offer:- via appointment, telephone or in writing.

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